Employing Excellence

From pandemic redeployment and recruitment with a CSR agenda, Miramar Connect are now disrupting the recruitment sector with Ultra Low-Cost Recruitment across core business functions.

We have the expertise to place people with the core competencies, qualifications and the right attitude to add value to your teams and enhance your safety and service culture.

With an extensive affiliate partner network, a large database and a sophisticated network search capability we can deliver the right candidate and at a fraction of the cost of ‘legacy’ recruitment agencies.

Want Real High Flyers?

With unique skills and experience our network gives you access to the highest calibre of professionals within operational and service led environments. 

In supporting key sectors like aviation, rail and energy throughout the pandemic we have created industry partnerships, won support from government departments and industry stakeholder such as the CBI. 

As  we address industry consolidations and workforce mobility we have ready a vast network of highly trained professionals able to bring their knowledge, skill and training to your own organisation.


We will provide screened professionals with a solid track record and provide real piece of mind.

Overwhelmed by shear volume of applications? Our value is to genuinely reduce the risks, costs and time of recruiting whilst bringing you a calibre of candidate previously unavailable


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