Cross sector, skills-based redeployment and recruitment solutions.

Against the backdrop of mass redundancy in the aviation sector Miramar have launched a significant initiative to redeploy aviation professionals into other roles where their skills and experience are highly relevant.


We have established a pathway for employers to leverage the skills, training and experience honed in this high performance sector and our aim is to enhance workforce diversity and operational working practices from cross-sector redeployment.


During the pandemic, we have gained support from the DfT, CBI, The Royal Aeronautical Society, IATA and senior management from many U.K. airlines for this work. However, from our position on the CBI Covid-19 Redeployment Working Group, it is apparent that there is very little direct support for aviation professionals to find work commensurate with their skills and abilities. 


Whilst it is true that many people would like to return to their pre-pandemic role, many, sadly, will be expelled from the industry and will be seeking a permanent transition. 


A significant part of our effort is focused on educating hiring managers to the transferable skills and core competencies developed within the sector and the motivation for many in seeking new opportunities.


Through industry partnerships and affiliates we have established an extensive network of professionals seeking permanent new opportunities and we are able to provide a proactive search based service to find people with the right experience, skills-set and motivation. 


With support from the DfT and industry bodies we are able to support those affected and to provide a new opportunity to attain high calibre professionals from across the sector and we levy only a nominal fee on placement to cover operational overheads.


Email with your bespoke brief to access to our U.K. network of talent: 



Miramar are champions of diversity and inclusion and only work with companies who demonstrate authentic corporate social responsibility.

We are not your typical recruitment company and are staffed by senior ranking professionals from the aviation sector. We are selective with whom we work and expect high standards of communication and engagement in return.

If you require high calibre people to work in safety-critical or service-led sectors please get in touch.

 We ensure our team adopt the philosophy and ethos we have developed over the years as highly motivated and disciplined professionals, driven to exceed expectations.


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