Recruiting Excellence across Legal, Financial and Professional Services.

At Miramar we believe finding the right hire is about more than just finding someone with the right qualification and experience. We believe it is about finding the right fit for your culture, your team and of the demands of the particular role.

We are experts in understanding the core behaviours and competencies that allow people to deliver under pressure, to meet your strategic goals, as well as operate efficiently and effectively against the many demands of the modern workplace.

Our expertise lies way back in our heritage as serving airline pilots & recruiters; recruiting the next generation of exceptional talent. We are experts in assessing the qualities that allow people to function at the highest level whilst under intense pressure- but yet able to deliver safely against shifting priorities, commercial pressures and team goals.

We focus on the ability to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders. People with emotional intelligence who can prioritise, solve problems, make decisions and balance demanding workloads. This is what makes the difference in the modern workplace. Not just a qualification and a tick in the right box; but a professional with resilience, who can lead, communicate well, and who can deliver when deadlines are tight and the stakes are hire.

We know what good looks like and this is what make the real difference in your team.  This is why you should choose Miramar Connect.

Our philosophy is simple: 

  • We add value to our clients by delivering highly screened, high calibre and diverse talent- and at the fraction of the cost of  ‘legacy’ recruitment companies.
  • We add value to our candidates by providing prioritised pathways into progressive employers and the most exciting brands.

Miramar is privately owned and co-managed by Alan Williams, a commercial airline Captain with experience in high performance recruitment & executive search, and Lyndsey Dodds, a widely respected professional services recruitment leader.  

We run a small team of 8 (and growing…) dedicated experts in our boutique agency, and we pride ourselves on an authentic and  personal service.

Email us with your bespoke brief and access our U.K. network of talent: 


Our vision is to enhance industry expectations of what is accepted and acceptable in safety and service driven environments

 We ensure our team adopt the philosophy and ethos we have developed over the years as highly motivated and disciplined professionals, driven to exceed expectations.


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