Amid mass redundancies in the U.K. Airline sector a pilot offers cabin crew hope.

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London, UK, 8th MAY 2020 

With the announcement mass cabin crew redundancies from British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, with other airlines set to follow, a commercial airline pilot is launching a free service to help re-employ them immediately. 

Alan Williams, formerly a Captain with Thomas Cook Airlines said ‘healthcare, retail, media, public- sector and business leaders should seize the opportunity to employ cabin crew affected by mass industry redundancies and utilise their high-level customer service and other transferable skills. 

Captain Williams said “You’d be amazed at the breadth and depth of their experience. I’ve seen cabin crew save life doing CPR, handle anxious and disruptive passengers, consul bereaved relatives and even break a human trafficking cell” 

“In-service and former airline cabin crew offer the ideal resource to help deal with the burgeoning demand in care services, consumer supply chains and support requirements. Due to the grounding of so many airlines as a result of the crisis, this hugely valuable workforce is immediately available. 

“Each of these people have had DBS criminal record checks, are trained for a full month and retrained annually throughout their careers and tested each time they’ve reported for duty. With impeccable customer service skills as a given, they are also highly trained in first aid, conflict management, firefighting, safety and emergency procedures. They are used to working in lean, efficient teams, have years of customer care experience, and are resourceful, calm and reassuring.” 

Captain Williams and his partner Lyndsey, a former airline stewardess, have launched a dedicated recruitment service, Miramar Connect, to help employers access this ready supply of customer- service skilled talent, and to assist cabin crew in finding new permanent or interim roles on the ground. 

Aviation not set to recover to pre coronavirus levels until 2022 According to Alex Cruz, CEO of British Airways, the UK aviation sector won’t fully recover until beyond 2022 and yet, the UK supply chains are experiencing heavy demand. According to the latest Global CFO Council survey, 40% of large companies who are already experiencing supply chain issues expect that business will not return to normal for between three to six months after the current crisis ends. 

The crisis is likely to create new customer support needs with heavy demand for staff capable of helping customers through an unprecedented period of anxiety. 

Cabin crew suited to wide range of customer service situations. 

As a result of the rigorous training and retraining which cabin crew undergo, Captain Williams believes they are rapidly deployable in a wide range of situations. These include both face to face 

customer contact roles as well as telephone and online support roles; both of which are likely to be in demand as the UK emerges from the crisis. 

During the Covid-19 crisis employers will be able to advertise free job listings on Miramar’s platform to be connected with highly trained customer service talent. 

Further Information 

Alan Williams – 01444 474748 -07598 536 279 Lyndsey Dodds- 07886 945 195 Miramar International ltd. ### 

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