Cabin Crew- Fantastic Healthcare Hires

October 5, 2020 0 Comments

Cabin Crew make fantastic hires in Healthcare settings!

Here is a piece with contribution from Arpad Szakal, MRAeS Executive Search & Leadership Consultant and consultant to the Centre for Aviation Psychology.


Cabin Crew undergo intensive selection, training, re-training, testing and evaluation. More than just servers of tea and coffee, they are responsible for the safety and comfort of some of the most diverse groups of people; all with individual needs and requirements.

In a small pressurised cabin the full drama of the human condition often unfolds and cabin crew have to meet every individual need and handle any situation or emergency. They have to work in tight autonomous teams in a safety critical environment.


They are trained in an Industry regulated training programme called Crew Resource Management; CRM. This is a scientific and psychological based course in the factors that lead to human error in normal and abnormal situations; especially in team environments.

This now has widespread application in other safety critical industries where human error is a major consideration. As an example, the NHS and many healthcare institutions are now adopting CRM to ensure the efficacy of working practices in medical related settings.


Medical Training
Of particular importance to the cabin crew role is the medical training undertaken and continually refreshed and examined. They are trained to near paramedic levels to deal with the full range of on-board medical emergencies. They can undertake ECG’s, CPR, defibrillation, take blood pressure and in liaison with doctors, administer controlled medicines such as temgesic and adrenaline.

This makes them particularly attractive in healthcare settings where they can quickly up- skill to full medical or care roles, especially given their understanding of CRM in a medical and healthcare context.

Cabin crew are able to operate safely and effectively in a hierarchical team structure in some of the most dynamic and challenging of environments.

As well as medical training they also have training in service and sales, disruptive passenger handling and restraint techniques; as well as safety, survival and security training.

So in considering the profile of cabin crew; and not just the presentable individual who guides you to your seat, you have the chance to snap up a highly adaptable, disciplined, caring and medically trained professional. A natural people-person who works well within a team and on their own initiative to bring value and character to you role.


15 top Transferable Skills for Cabin Crew

1. Initiative & Leadership
2. Customer Experience Mindset
3. First Aid & Medical Training
4. Conflict Management
5. Problem – Solving Skills
6. Adaptability & Flexibility
7. Empathy, Compassion & Emotional Intelligence
8. Stress Tolerance & Ability to Work Well Under Pressure 9. Sales Skills
10. Communication & Interpersonal Skills
11. Team Working Skills & Cultural Awareness
12. Composure & Self-Control
13. Time Management & Organisation Skills
14. Brand Presentation Skills – Attention to Detail
15. Social Media Marketing Skills

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