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With the collapse in the sector airlines have been hugely opportunistic and have drastically cut salaries, working conditions and lifestyle options. The reality is there isn’t the same lifestyle available and salaries are no longer attractive.

Furthermore, from IATA’s latest research the industry is not expected to be back to pre coronavirus level for four to five years. There simply won’t be the roles available for the foreseeable future.

There is widespread unemployment in the aviation sector and crew have seen their industry collapse. Cabin crew are exploring all employment avenues and remember, they are adaptable and highly promotable once they are embedded in your company. That’s why there is a big opportunity in taking on crew right now.

For many that is indeed true. However, a period of contract work in Project Management or Learning and Development, for example, would be ideal for a pilot. They can keep their core competencies sharp and add value to your role for an agreed timeframe.

For many others this is very sadly not possible. The nature of the seniority system within aviation means that a redundant Captain will likely have to start again as a junior First Officer. The drop in salary, status and position will mean it is just not an option to start all over again.

Lastly, there are also many others who will not be able to keep their required   ‘currency’, medical and flying skills up to speed. For these the barriers to entry will sadly be too great.

Again, all the latest industry data suggests aviation won’t return to capacity until 2024-2025. There simply won’t be the seats available and many highly trained professionals will tragically be expelled from the industry.

This is also true. Although the pandemic has made employers realise there is immense value in cross-sector employment. Fresh perspectives, different cultures and new and invigorated insights are adding depth and value to working practices. We understand the richness of a multi cultural society; cross sector employment is no different.

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