Green shoots of recovery for Hospitality and Customer Service sectors.

June 26, 2020 0 Comments

The aviation sector remains in a super-stall and the various consultation processes within the airlines are coming to an end.  Thousands of highly professional, highly skilled, cabin crew are starring down the barrel of a P45 ready to be dumped unceremoniously into the latest unemployment statistics.

Miramar have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to provide hope in these uncertain times and some positivity is emerging. The UK customer service and hospitality sectors are being released from lockdown and attention is turning to skilling-up for the challenges, and opportunities, ahead.

Miramar have established a vast and unique network of UK cabin crew who, as DBS checked customer service/hospitality experts, are immediately available to deliver first class service for your customer-led organisation. In our redeployment effort we have created significant industry partnerships and support Reed online’s #KeepBritainWorking campaign. We also sit on the CBI Covid-19 Redeployment Working Group; integral to the UK’s effort to redeploy workforces hit by the crisis.

Please visit now, to list your customer service and hospitality roles and snap up the best trained, multi skilled,  people-people you could possibly imagine.

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