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Job Description

You’re used to travelling the world, meeting new people in new places.

That’s the lifestyle you love, and you do it all with a smile on your face.
So why not take it to a new level? Turn up the excitement a little.

Whether you are cabin crew or a pilot you can become a close protection
officer with Sextant Group’s help.
In only 18 days you will have achieved:
 MIRA (Medicine in remote areas)
 FREC 3 (First response emergency care Level 3)
 Paediatrics Level 3
Enabling you to work anywhere in the world with highly accredited
recognition from the best awarding bodies.
We then have the Close protection Level 3 course that is 150 hours of
tutor lead learning, covering all areas such as firearms, route planning
and conflict management. Making sure you’re covered whatever you’re
faced with.

Why have a close protection license? What does it involve?
1. Protection of individuals or families of ultra-net worth / celebrities in
the UK or Overseas.
2. Asset Protection – Diamond transfers, works of art, even horses
3. Events – London fashion week, Olympics, Sport events & Private
4. Residential Security Team – Within hotels, office or home estates.
5. Team medic for individuals or a team
6. Surveillance & Anti – surveillance.
7. Security driver – not just a chauffeur!
8. Maritime security on cruise ships or cargo vessels.
9. Protective surveillance – mixed into a client’s entourage so you
don’t stand out!

10. Being confidant!

Why cabin crew or pilots?

We value your CRM training, leadership & team skills.
You follow procedures but can think on your feet when required.
You already have the balance between customer service whilst ensuring safety obligations are met.
You have excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
You have the cultural and emotional intelligence to work effectively with clients and other personel alike
Above all you have the ability to remain calm when the pressure is on

These are vital in both industries. In fact, the skill-set of flight and cabin crew are tightly aligned to those we look for in close security work.

Please Note:

Training into the CPO World represents a significant personal investment and commitment is required.

Training costs are not normally funded.

However, given the current circumstances and to show their investment in you Sextant will offer the option for 70% of the training cost to be settled over a period of a year after training (12 equal instalments).

After your training we provide a range of high-end security training services and job

We have employment waiting in 2021 for foreign royalty and other ultra high net worth families once the pandemic is over and free movement starts again.

We pride ourselves on only suppling training to the best candidates to ensure we can get them the perfect job placement.

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