Let’s talk about the costs of a bad hospitality or customer service hire..

June 29, 2020 0 Comments

So your candidate has enough self awareness to make it through the interview without swearing or letting slip an underlying attitude.

You’re impressed enough to send them out there with your hard earned clients; to represent you; and your brand.

Then, oh no..they turn up late or not all. They scowl at your customers and feel offended at being asked for service. They handle complaints with that pernicious attitude; bovered! They skim off the top and then go home. 

We’ve all seen them.. we’ve all met the servers who really can’t be chewed or the customer service reps who just quote the rules without willing to resolve. So, you think, you know what, I’ll try somewhere else next time.

We all know the cost of a bad hire is worse than the cost of no hire. So how do you ensure that even after the eye watering costs of a contingency agency you still haven’t employed someone who is out there for themselves and not your customer?

For a minute, let’s pause and think about how the world’s prestigious airlines are able to to ensure the highest of standards in their first class and premium cabins. Faultless service by impeccable people, every need met, every comfort attended to. All with grace and a smile on what are often long, demanding days.

Wouldn’t you rather employ people like this..?

At Miramar Connect we’ve created a unique and exclusive network of experienced cabin crew waiting for their next challenge.  

Up to now these professionals were out of reach at 35,000 ft and they definitely weren’t sat on a recruitment company’s database. Now they are waiting for you and ready to deliver impeccable service for your customer led organisation.

Recruitment costs covered, risks lowered. Service guaranteed. 

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