Miramar Testimonials

Well done Miramar

Thanks Alan Williams, what a brilliant platform. I highly recommend anybody considering a new role or thinking of posting an opportunity to register here! The response rate is incredible. Well done to you and the team. Craig- UWC Dacre

Hope for Oscar
Alan and Lyndsey
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I would like to thank you for everything that you are doing to assist us in this difficult time… I really appreciate it.
Hopefully we will be back in the sky soon!
Have a lovely day
Keep Britain Working
Reed Online

Miramar are proud to support Reed Online’s Keep Britain Working Campaign


Alan Williams

We’re very proud to work with the CBI in our initiative to help redeploy cabin during the coronavirus crisis.




Clare CSD

Well done Miramar. You have provided exactly what we need to get us back into the workplace.

Cabin Crew LHR.

Thank goodness for Miramar! With thousands of cabin crew facing an uncertain future there is at last some hope for us with this amazing new service that recognises our skills and experience.

Cabin Crew MAN

I would like to say a personal thank you for creating a service that I am certain will give cabin crew the confidence to use their skills in other industries. At such a challenging time, it genuinely has given me something to be excited about.

Cabin Crew

Having the support, network and a platform like Miramar gives cabin crew a purpose and a path in all this uncertainty. I really appreciate the guidance and support in finding the right career choice.